Laundry Perfume Kit
Laundry Perfume Kit

Laundry Perfume Kit

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This LAUNDRY PERFUME KIT is an excellent, toxic-free and vegan alternative to conventional and commercial laundry perfumes. 
The combination of cornflour powder and essential oils makes your clothes smell wonderful and fresh. 

It is completely biodegradable, and you only need a small amount. It is also suitable for the dishwasher. 
All the packaging is fully recyclable and biodegradable.


It comes in two fragrances:

- comforting lavender essential oil
- energising sweet orange essential oil


What you get:

  • 10ml essential oil
  • 500 gr Cornflour 
  • Wooden spoon to measure
  • The instruction of how to make it 


Have a look at the full recipe here. wink


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