Hemp No-scratch Scrubber
Hemp No-scratch Scrubber

Hemp No-scratch Scrubber


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Hemp No-Scratch Scrubber is made outside of hemp, and inside of plastic-free cellulose sponge. It is a soft, no scratch, handy sponge for doing the dishes and cleaning delicate surfaces without the risk of polluting oceans and nature with microplastic. The woven hemp scrubs lightly, while the plastic-free cellulose sponge saves a substantial amount of soap, absorbing it better. Hemp No-Scratch Scrubber is also suitable for cleaning vases, porcelain, metals and other articles that do not tolerate rough cleaning on their delicate surfaces.

Washing instructions.

When you need to wash your Hemp No-Scratch Scrubber, you can quickly clean it in the dishwasher, putting it in the upper basket. Alternatively, you can boil it with water. After drying it will be ready for use again. IT IS NOT recommended to put Hemp No-Scratch Scrubber in the washing-machine or use the tumble dryer, as it will shorten its life.

Packed in a recyclable cardboard sleeve - 100% biobased - pure cellulose - no glue - hand sewed - no colours - 110x110 mm.

About the company.

Maistic Bio Group is a Danish brand and developer specialised in plastic-free and compostables for packaging and products. Microplastic pollution happens every single time you use and wash your cleaning products. Because most of them are made from plastic - cloths, kitchens scourers, sponges - some of the microplastic ends up in oceans through the water pipes, because it is too small to be picked up in water cleaning facilities. Mussels, fish, shrimps etc. eat the microplastic, causing them dead and hormone-disrupting diseases. In 2018 scientists found microplastic in the human body and faeces, estimating half of all humans contain plastic. Microplastic can never be picked up, and this is why Maistic created a range of plastic free products.

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