Harry Psomiadis

Dear Dani and Jo, Thank you so very much for your wonderful Green Boutique Book !! I always wanted to get rid of all toxic cleaning liquids and powders, but I did not know how. Your book provides excellent guidance to all of us we want to use environmentally- friendly cleaning products. I look forward to receiving my second order !! Best wishes, Harry


Benjamin Gough

Bought the Green kit before Christmas and I couldn't be happier, I get to be more environmentally friendly and I also save money in the long run. Great stuff!


Rossella De Tommaso

Oh, finally I have got around to say a few words about this amazing product (Marseille Soap Flakes) I bought at Brighton Vegan Market from "The Green Boutique" and spread the word that it is easy to respect the planet and stop damaging it with chemicals and tons of plastic. I should say that I have always been attentive at reducing, reusing and recycling..... More so since I have become pregnant and now a mum of an amazing 20 weeks old little girl. As every mum can imagine I want the very best for her. I have been researching ways of looking after her which are chemical and plastic free so that she will be protected and at the same time will grow mind full with a respect for the planet. Having said that now let's talk about the Marseille soap flakes. It's a great product which not only I understand is 100% biodegradable but washes my babies clothes really well. I have used it in my washing machine at 40° and everything was nice and clean and didn't leave a soapy taste on my baby clothes (beforehand I used to rinse the washing twice to get rid of the soap as I was paranoid about my daughter sucking soap on her baby grow sleeve). Now I don't have to do that yaayyy! Also, I have used the Marseille soap flakes with my baby bamboo washable nappies and they are just great wash after wash.

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